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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The House of Faces

 In 1971, in the small Spanish village of Belmez, Maria Pereira claimed a human face  spontaneously appeared on her cement kitchen floor. It wasn't long before she destroyed the floor and replaced it - and a new face promptly appeared.

More and more faces continued to appear on the floor of Maria Pereira's kitchen, attracting thousands of visitors every day. Some were male, some female, some large, and some small. In time, she discovered that the house, built around 1830, apparently stood above a graveyard used by the Romans, Spanish Muslims and then Medieval Christians.

But did Maria Pereira just paint the faces herself?

If so, she never benefited financially from all the attention. She lived a simple life in that same house and eventually died in 2004.

Paranormal fans who just love these unexplained mysteries suggest that the faces were manifested on the floor by telekinesis. This notion was based on the claim that the expressions on their faces used to change with the mood of Maria Pereira.

Of course, scientists have found it possible to analyze the molecular changes in the whitewash and prove that some fakery was involved. Many now believe that the paintings were actually created by Maria's son, Diego Pereira.

 The appearances in Bélmez began on August 23, 1971, when María Gómez Cámara claimed that a human face formed spontaneously on her concrete  kitchen floor. María's husband, Juan Pereira and their son, Miguel, destroyed the image with a pickaxe and new concrete was laid down. However, the Pereira story goes, a new face formed on the floor. The mayor of Bélmez was informed and forbade the destruction of the new face. Instead, the floor concrete was cut out and taken for study.

María's home was advertised to the tourists as La Casa de las Caras (The House of the Faces). By Easter of 1972 hundreds of people came to the house to see the faces. For the next 30 years the Pereira family claimed that faces continued to appear, both male and female and of different shapes,size and expressions.

The investigation

The main researchers of the Bélmez case were Hans Bender and Argumosa. Both collaborated in Bélmez and Freiburg in the early 1970s when the ostensible phenomenon began.

Bender did mention the case in passing and referred to it in some of his lectures. His crucial statement referred to the sealing of areas of the floor where some faces were in progress with a transparent plastic material:

“In Bélmez, slight changes of the faces' configuration during the period when the phenomenon was under seal and hence contributed to ensure its paranormal origin".

The faces were shown to have been painted on the concrete floor, the first with paint and later with acid, and the son of woman living in the house found to be perpetrating a hoax on the public for financial gain. In 1971, María Gómez Cámara announced the appearance of the first face on the kitchen floor, and psychic believers called it a case of "thoughtography", claiming that Cámara's thoughts had a telekinetic effect and projected images from her mind onto the floor. When she and her family began charging admission for tourists to see the faces, the mayor had a sample removed for testing. The hoax was easily revealed, and the city banned any further tourist business from being conducted at the residence. However that did not stop them, and the faces continued to appear for more than 30 years until Cámara's death in 2004.Various faces have appeared and disappeared at irregular intervals since 1971 and have been frequently photographed by the local newspapers and curious visitors.
Many Bélmez residents believe that the faces were not made by human hand.

Some investigators believe that it is a thoughtographic phenomenon subconsciously produced by the owner of the house, María Gómez Cámara.

The property was known to have been a graveyard in the past, so the floor was excavated in hopes of finding whatever was causing the phenomena.

When they dig under the floor they discovered the remains of humans!

After giving the human remains a proper burial they installed a new floor.
Two weeks later, another man's face appeared, and two weeks after that, the face of a woman surrounded by 9-15 tiny faces.

The floor was torn out a number of times, but the faces returned every time it was restored. The images were scrubbed with detergent, but though the eyes widened and the expressions changed, the pictures persisted; over time, the faces seemed to age. Chemists tested samples of the cement, but found no evidence of paints or dyes.

On May 2007, journalist Javier Cavanilles and investigator Francisco Máñez published a book called Los Caras de Bélmez, a play-on-words that means "The cheeky evils of Bélmez", where they explain the history of the scam and pointed to María's son, Diego Pereira, as author of the mysterious paintings.


After Reading multiple articles on this topic i came to conclusion it is a hoax!
It is possible the lady thought it was all real and got fooled by her own son.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reasons behind crop circles formation

Following are the different theories related with crop circles
Possibly the most controversial theory is that crop circles are the work of visitors from other planets People who agree with this theory say that the circles are either the imprint left by landing spacecraft or messages brought from aliens. Some eyewitnesses claim to have seen UFO-like lights and strange noises emanating from crop circle sites.
In 1987, a crop message read "WEARENOTALONE." Skeptics argued that if the message had been from aliens, it would have read "YOUARENOTALONE."
Probably the most scientific theory says that crop circles are created by small currents of swirling winds called vortices (similar to "dust devils"). The spinning columns force a burst of air down to the ground, which flattens the crops. Vortices are common in hilly areas such as parts of southern England. When dust particles get caught up in the spinning, charged air, they can appear to glow, which may explain the UFO-like glowing lights many witnesses have seen near crop circles.
But the question remains -- how can a few seconds worth of spinning air create such intricate and perfectly defined crop circles?
electromagnetic radiation
Some researchers believe that the earth creates its own energy, which forms the circles. One possible form of earth energy is electromagnetic radiation. In fact, scientists have measured strong magnetic fields inside crop circles, and visitors have sometimes reported feeling a tingling sensation in their body while in or near the circles.
In the early 1990s, American biophysicist Dr. William Levengood discovered that crops in circles were damaged much in the same way as plants heated in a microwave oven. He proposed the idea that the crops were being rapidly heated from the inside by some kind of microwave energy.
The easiest explanation for crop circles is that they are man-made hoaxes, created either for fun or to stump the scientists.
Joe Nickell, Senior Research Fellow of the CSICOP (Research comitee) says that crop circles have all the hallmarks of hoaxes: They are concentrated primarily in southern England; they've become more elaborate over the years (indicating that hoaxers are getting better at their craft); and their creators never allow themselves to be seen. But even with crop circlemakers claiming responsibility for hundreds of designs, hoaxes can't account for all of the thousands of crop circles created.
Colin Andrews author of the book, Circular Evidence admits that about 80 percent of crop circles are probably man-made, but says that the other 20 percent are probably the work of some "higher force."
Light Formation
In August 2001, two witnesses in Holland saw "columns" or "tubes" of white light descend into a string-bean field. Shortly after they observed this light, they saw a new crop formation exactly where the light had descended
Researchers have been pondering the question of crop circles for several decades, but they still haven't come up with a real answer as to why they exist.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Crop Circle II

Most circles are concentrated in the south of England, primarily in the counties of Hampshire and Wiltshire. Many of them have been found near Avebury and Stonehenge, two mystical sites containing large stone monuments.

But crop circles are not confined to England. They have been spotted in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, India and other parts of the world.

The "season" for crop circles runs from April to September, which coincides with the growing season. Circles tend to be created at night, hiding their creators.

But the basic question remains who makes crop circles?

Some people claim they are the work of UFOs. Others say they are a natural phenomenon. Still others say they are elaborate hoaxes perpetrated by teams of circlemakers.